About Kaama Kethna

 Inspired by the eternal love of mother earth, Kaama Kethna ecological village emerges from the inner heart of a delightful forest valley. Rather than opposing and suppressing the nature it seeks to work together to create a unified whole, in an incessantly quest of becoming harmonious with the immense delicate surrounding landscape.

Relax in a healthy environment, contribute in new projects or enjoy yourself in participating in our activities. The Village provides a perfect spot to observe monkeys, birds and butterflies and to discover the tropical nature. Kaama Kethna is located in the beautiful south of goa, india in a green valley with a clear small creek on the bottom.


“When we recognize the common source of our humanity, the common origins of our dreams and longings, our hopes and fears, we are able to see that we are all joined together in the great miracle of existence. When we can combine our tremendous inner wealth to create a treasure of love and wisdom that is available to all, we are linked together in the exquisite pattern of eternal creation”