Our Philosophy

Kaama Kethna Philosophy

Nature shows us that beauty can be found in the simple ordinary things in life. Unfortunately people today so easily take this beautiful world we live in for granted. Here at Kaama Kethna we seek to unify and create harmony with the surrounding landscape rather than opposing or suppressing nature.

A motto of ours is ‘diversity and tolerance’. Our team is truly international and we like to play on strengths; a special niche at Kaama Kethna is that together we speak fluent English, Spanish, German,  Hindi, Nepali and Concani.

We specialize in body, soul and mind wellness through the practice of yoga and meditation. Our aim is to raise awareness and to boost ones overall well being by creating a harmonic flow of energy through the body. The name Kaama Kethna comes from Sanskrit; Kaama, “to love work” and Kethna, “field”. We aim to create a space where you can evolve holistically by living harmoniously with nature and participating in meaningful workshops and activities. We are dedicated to helping you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

We’d like to raise awareness through yoga and meditation. We don’t want to do this too seriously but in a fresh, spontaneous way.

About the Project

Kaama Kethna is located in an abundant green valley with a clear creek in South Goa, India. A beautiful 15 minute walk through jungle and paddy fields will take you to the beach. It was founded in 2005 with the goal of creating a self-sufficient place that offers an alternative, eco-friendly way of being. The farm, a former cashew plantation, has become a place full of biodiversity with colorful flowers, delicious herbs, sweet fruits and verdant trees.

At Kaama Kethna you can relax in a healthy environment, recharge for new projects and try out new activities. Immerse yourself in Goa’s sub-tropical flora and fauna and learn about permaculture in our garden where organic fruits and vegetables are grown.


Fast growing bamboo, clay, stones and leaves are the main materials used in our eco-friendly design. As well as having minimal impact on the surrounding environment, building in this way allows guests to get closer to nature by staying in accommodation which actually feels as though it’s part of the lush habitat. To view the huts, visit the accommodation page.

Sustainable Building

It’s imperative to use sustainable building materials to ensure that the impact on Goa’s environment is minimal.  Another key aspect to the sustainable development code of the Farm is to create local jobs – from construction to management. This ensures a continuous flow of money and work being fed back into the community.

Green Tourism

Sustainable tourism is taken seriously at the Kaama Kethna. On a global level, the need for responsible tourism is becoming urgent. Tourism is one of the fasted growing industries in the world. While it’s fantastic to see so many people getting out and exploring the planet, the pressure put on both environments and indigenous cultures is a cause for concern.  Thankfully, interest and awareness from travellers in sustainable travel and eco tourism is growing.